SMS & E-mail Marketing Services

Email marketing is, as the name suggests the method of utilizing email, to distribute your company’s marketing or advertising communication to a terribly targeted list of potential or current shoppers. Email marketing will be AN integral a part of your business strategy because it permits you to remain in contact along with your customers, announce new promotions, and drive traffic back to your website.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Reduces Time, Effort and Overhead Costs
  • Real-Time, Personalized and Dynamic visual content
  • Less expensive than print and direct mail
  • Most effective technique for both customer acquisition and retention
  • Generates an immediate response with a link back to your web site
  • Segment User and Customer Database Information
  • Exponentially Better Ability to Track Sales and User Engagement
  • Communicate specific customers or anyone instantly anywhere

Benefits of Email Marketing

If your business already has a loyal customer base, email marketing is one of the best ways to maintain your relationship. Periodically sending newsletters, promotions, and announcements will keep your business fresh in their minds.

If through media advertising you have acquired a potential customer’s email address, email marketing can move a prospect through the consideration phase and all the way to purchase.

Email marketing is considerably cheaper than traditional marketing methods such as print ads and mailers.

Email marketing allows you to specifically target those customers you think will take action. You can easily target customers based on specific demographics, or make new and exciting offers to current loyal customers.

We keep track of the success of your email marketing campaign through real-time statistics.